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Cool Black Windows XP theme

Black Windows theme

I found this uber-cool Windows XP theme today based on the Royale Theme which comes with XP Media Center Edition. This new theme replaces the blue on Royale with a great dark look that make it seem very Vista-like.

If you’re holding off on upgrading to Vista (like I am), its a good theme to give you that Vista look without all the compatibility headaches. It’s part of Microsoft’s marketing of the Zune Player so installing the theme automatically changes your desktop background to a stock Zune marketing photo. Make sure you save your current wallpaper before installing the theme.

Download the Black Zune theme here. Credit goes to Skatter Tech for the theme.


One response to “Cool Black Windows XP theme

  1. john February 25, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    thanks it looks great. they also have a blue glossy on there too.…/royale-theme-for-xp
    i think blue one is better (orange is kinda ulgy)

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