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Exporting your online albums to Flickr

I finally completed the transition of moving my digital photos from my self-hosted online photo album to Flickr. This processs involved writing a custom application in .NET 2.0 WinForms and using both the open source FlickrNET libary for .NET as well as the MySQL Connector for .NET. I had decided to make this transition late last year but only recently found the time. My album site was getting very outdated since the PHP-based package that it was based on, 4Images, was no longer being updated. Even the markup was beginning to look ugly in modern browsers. So with AJAX being the new cool thing these days, I was on the hunt for a newer, more "Web 2.0" online photo album. I chose Flickr because it had the best features available and was fully accessible through its well written API. Not only that, it’s blazing fast. In a nutshell, the process involved writing a simple WinForms application that could connect to both my old album site and Flickr, then allowing me to transfer the files from one to the other. Here’s a low res picture of the application.

Flickr Exporter App

The biggest challenge in getting this app completed was figuring out how to connect to Flickr using the Flickr API. After spending some time reading through the API docs and still being quite confused, I came across this gem of a document. Once I got connected, it was a cinch to write up my MySQL queries to my old album and send over the files to Flickr. If you’re interested in the source code for the app, please email me or leave a comment. Its quite buggy and it only works for 4Images, but if you’re considering switching to Flickr but you’ve been holding off due to the need to migrate an old online album, this code should help you get started.

Update: Per request, I am making my latest version of the application available.  Please download the application here and the source here. This application comes with no support and is run at your own risk under the MIT license.


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  1. Aditya Rawat July 20, 2007 at 10:10 am

    Hi , just came through you blog while googling I was also looking for an APP which cana transfer from 4images to flickr can you please send it thru at eddycool [at] gmail dot com

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