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Archival of data on optical disc

It has long been known that optical media tends to degrade over time and the CD-R and DVD-/+R discs used for archival purposes will eventually become unreadable. I recently read this guide on how to choose a CD/DVD archival system for your data.

I won’t get into the technical details and I will leave you to read the article for them, but in a nutshell one should choose DVD+R over DVD-R due to DVD+R being a more mature platform in terms of quality burning. I’ve used DVD-R since I first got a DVD burner for compatibility with older DVD players and I’ve never had a problem with bad burns or poor playback unless the player itself is poor at reading blank media.

However, now I will buy DVD+Rs as the compatibility issues should be cleared up with all my players and the format seems to hold up better over time.

Additionally the guide mentions that the best brand for blank optical media is Taiyo Yuden, the Japanese brand that originally created the recordable CD and the brand I have used for years. It’s a little difficult to find a reliable source of TY media, as typically the retail brands switch between Taiyo Yuden, Ritek, and others between batches of media. The Fujifilm DVD-Rs you bought in 2005 might have been Taiyo Yuden, but the ones you buy today might be Ritek. The best option is to go with an internet outlet like SuperMediaStore to be on the safe side.


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