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IntelliTXT is worse than Snap Previews

I think I found something even more annoying than Snap Previews.


In this situation, when you mouse over the word "Rayman", this dialog comes up offering you web information, images, and even a Live Search of the term. And the worst part is that the IntelliTXT engine will pick random words in an article/blost/forum post and transform it into this javascript mouseover.

I’ve stopped reading sites like Tom’s Hardware and Anandtech as it has become clear to me that the creators of those sites have gone ad-happy with the IntelliTXT on every single page of the site.

I understand that there are blockers out there for this stuff, but I think the latest update to IntelliTXT has just gone too far in my opinion. If you’re using IntelliTXT on your site, I would advise you to consider something less obtrusive.


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