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ALT.NET is not about tools

I still find it amazing how many people mistook the context of my original response to Dave Laribee’s ALT.NET post. It started with a few blogs and I tried addressing it via commenting on those posts but I’m still getting comments on my blog about it so I think it’s time I just set the record straight here.

The intent of my original post was not to push one tool over another, but merely point out that ALT.NET developers likely understood concepts such as Unit Testing, Automated builds, ORM, and MVP/MVC design before the Microsoft implementations of these concepts became available. Whether they picked up a specific tool in the process may have been a side effect of learning the concept through the use of a working and practical implementation. In no way did I intend to show favoritism toward any tool over another.

Perhaps it was my poor choice of words that incited this, but I think I’ve made it sufficiently clear that my post was not intended to turn the ALT.NET discussion into a tools-based religious debate.


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