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Now Powered by Community Server!

Well after being issued a challenge by Jayson Knight to switch to Community Server after my job change announcement, I can finally say that my migration is complete!  Here is what I had to do in order to get my blog migrated over from to a self-hosted Community Server 2007 installation.

  1. Find a decent web host!  I went with Server Intellect after it was recommended by both Jason Alexander and Tim Rayburn.
  2. Install CS 2007 on my new host.  Initially I tried the CS 2007 web install but it simply wasn’t working so the guys at Server Intellect offered to install it for me.  This was both good and bad.
  3. Migrate my old blog posts. This was the most arduous piece of it.  For this I did the following:
  • Exported my posts as an XML file in WordPress’s extended RSS format.
  • Created a temporary self-hosted WordPress installation on my old crappy PHP-only webhost using one of their install scripts.
  • Used Robert McLaw’s WordPress to BlogML export tool (which is just a PHP file that works only with a self-hosted WordPress installation) and export my posts as a BlogML file.
  • Massaged the data in the BlogML file because it was in BlogML 1.0 and would not validate against BlogML 2.0’s schema.
  • Took the completed BlogML 2.0 data file and merged it into CS 2007 using Keyvan Nayyeri’s BlogML 2.0 to CS2007 converter.

Now that all of my posts were migrated, I still had to do a few manual things in order to completely detach myself from the blog:

  • Edit all of the URL’s that cross linked between blog posts so that they pointed to the newer migrated posts.
  • Copy over all the blog post images that were saved onto and move them into my CS 2007’s blog files directory and update all blog entry references to them.
  • Update my FeedBurner feed to point to the new feed coming out of CS 2007.

Once all of that was done, I started playing with the styles and ended up customizing one of the built in dark themes to look more like my wordpress’s blog style.  I found the Chameleon theme engine within CS 2007 to be very intuitive and properly designed.  Mimicking my old WordPress theme was extremely simple and I had something very close to the same look within half a day!

The last thing I had to deal with was a strange bug that was causing all of the Javascript calls to fail on my CS install.  After digging around to see if this was a common problem and making no headway, I put in a post over at asking for help. Keyvan responded immediately and asked if I had all my Javascript files transferred over in the installation. Of course this would be the last thing I’d have thought to check.

After snooping around in FTP I realized that not a single .JS file had been transferred over with the CS install done by Server Intellect.  This dumbfounded me, as it meant I’d gotten this far with my CS 2007 install without having any working Javascript!  Most applications I’ve used (and written) won’t get very far at all if you turn off Javascript or don’t have it installed properly.  Very impressive.

So thats it, update your bookmarks to point to!  Unfortunately any older links floating around the net that point to my old blog posts will soon point to dead links.  This is unfortunate, as I would like to have had a way to forward the posts, but it doesn’t look like will allow me to do that. I’ll soon change the old blog to have only one active post pointing it here.  If you’ve linked to any of my old blog posts anywhere on your site, please update your links if you can.

For those reading over RSS, make sure you subscribe to the FeedBurner version of my feed as the old RSS feed will no longer be updated.  If you’ve subscribed to this blog through FeedBurner as I asked, you don’t have to change a thing!


2 responses to “Now Powered by Community Server!

  1. Ash Bhoopathy May 23, 2007 at 10:40 pm

    Looking good man, lookin good..   Maybe you should stick an image up at the top.

  2. Karthik Hariharan May 24, 2007 at 9:22 pm

    good idea, wanna create one for me, my designer friend? ;)

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