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Internships are often an exciting experience for students entering many fields.  They can be a great place to learn, network with peers, and develop lasting professional relationships that will be important when first starting a career.  They are also a great way to “test drive” a company that you may want to work for in the future.

Software internships can be especially fun in the right environments as they generally keep you very busy and give Computer Science and Information Systems degree seekers some much needed real world experience.  Many past interns, myself included, have found that their internships really defined the first few years of their career.

To that end, Telligent has created an excellent internship program speared-headed by Jason Alexander.  Jason has dubbed them the Telliterns and has focused them on improving the Reporting features of Community Server.  In addition, Jason has required them to blog daily about their progress, experiences in Telligent’s environment, and whatever else they choose to write about.  I really liked the idea of having them blog instead of collecting weekly status reports or bulleted emails.

Each of the Telliterns has a very different blogging style and I’ve enjoyed reading about their progress as well as all the fun they’re having!  I highly recommend adding their feed to your RSS reader and checking them out.


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