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More Lead Developer tips

You can never have enough useful tips on becoming a better lead developer.

From Roy Osherove, there are some great ones in this list.

To this list I would add the following:

  • Be open to ideas and approaches from your team members, regardless of their seniority.  Don’t dismiss a great idea because it came from an intern or fresh graduate just getting their feet wet.  Even if an approach is fundamentally flawed, don’t kill a person’s spirit by making them feel stupid for even suggesting it.
  • Don’t overly criticize a teammate’s work in earshot of other teammates. This is especially important when doing regular test and code reviews.
  • Show your team honest appreciation when they do a good job.  A little praise goes a long way in keeping a person motivated and productive.
  • Make an effort to understand each team member’s career goals and keep them in mind when assigning out the work.  If someone aspires to be a SQL demigod, try not to force them to write a lot of HTML/CSS/Javascript.

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