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DDNUG and the After Party

Last night, my good friend Dave O’Hara gave an excellent presentation on Automated Unit Testing with the .NET framework to the Dallas .NET User Group.

Dave covered the tools available to write unit tests in .NET including NUnit and others.  He also covered Mock Objects and Dependency Injection, two topics that I have been trying to grok recently.  Dave’s talk focused on using RhinoMocks for the DI and Mocking.  It was a lot to cover in a short amount of time, but it definitely put me on the right track to understand some very advanced topics. 

Afterwards, a bunch of us got together in Grapevine for drinks and food to discuss tech topics as well as give Dave some valuable feedback about his presentation.  We also discussed some possible initiatives for the Dallas developer community and hoisted a few congratulatory brews for a few upcoming family expansions.

All in all it was a great time and I highly recommend that if you get a chance to come down for a DDNUG meeting, you should block out an extra hour or two to come hang out with “Rayburn’s 8” (as our little group is tentatively called).

Dave will be presenting his topic again at the North Dallas .NET User group on Wednesday, August 1, 2007.  If you’re looking to learn about Unit Testing in .NET and you enjoy learning from an energetic and enthusiastic speaker, make the time to attend Dave’s talk. 


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