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Graffiti Beta 1 released

As Rob announced, Telligent’s Graffiti product is now in public beta!  Download the necessary bits here.

I’ve been running Graffiti both internally and externally for a while now and I can attest to its excellent usability as it really makes it very simple to get content out there.   Graffiti supports both Microsoft Access and SQL Server so you have some flexibility in terms of how you want to run it.  We are still investigating other databases as well, with a focus on databases that support an easy XCOPY deployment model.

This site is running on SQL Server 2005 and I used an in-development migration tool written by Jayme Davis to migrate my posts over from Community Server 2007.  Jayme has actually released this tool in an unsupported fashion.  Check the comments on his post for the download link. 

One of the great things about Graffiti is that it is really easy to create custom themes for it.  Anyone familiar with theming PHP-based blog packages like WordPress will feel right at home with Graffiti’s theming structure.  No existing .NET experience is necessary.

Look for an upcoming post with my release of this site’s theme shortly with some explanations of the how I leveraged Graffiti’s theme engine to do the layout.


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